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Father Heart Missions to Latin America, with missionary outreaches in Costa Rica and Nicaragua (Central America), is an affiliate of International Accelerated Missions.
An affiliate of
Accelerated Missions

Sharing the Father's Love Abroad

Read the testimonies of people whose lives have been changed by the Father.

bulletPatricia Herrera
bulletDavid Beer
bulletZulema Hernandez

Patricia's Story

Photo of Patricia and Dad
Patricia and Her Dad

Iím a pastorís daughter, who lived almost all my life with the knowledge that God is also our Father, but never experienced a real father
child relationship.
Part of the reason was that I had a gap in my relationship with my dad; he abandoned me before I was born, and left the country. He married a Christian woman and became a Christian also, then both were called to serve God as pastors. 

They came to where I lived and bring us, my older brother and I, to live with them. I didnít know how lonely I was about to feel in the future, how my life was going to change, as we agreed to leave our mom.
I needed so much my fatherís love, his acceptance, his protection, his help, that I ran to his arms and thought that this new opportunity would erase my sad and lonely past.

Things were not how I dreamed, however. His new family didnít accept us; they rejected us openly, and then I had just my brother, because we didnít have confidence enough to tell, and sometimes we could see my dad struggle with the idea of letting us go or keep us with them for our sake.
I had a good relationship with my dad and, as the time went on, with all the family members also, but the emptiness of my first childhood was always there reminding me that my life was a lie.

When I was 21, my parents went to be pastors in the countryside and, because I was working and in college, I stayed back, living by myself.
I started dating a non
Christian young man, we procreated a daughter when I was 23 years old. He abandoned us. During that time, I went back to God, asking for His help. I needed to come back home; His great love started to bring me closer.

In 2001, my church invited Brad and Ruth Brown to come and minister about the Fatherís love.  While they were ministering, God started to reveal His presence in my life since I was born. He showed me how He was there at the hospital bed expecting me as a baby; He received a tiny me and embraced me. He showed me a vision of me running to His arms when I was two years old, and the vision continued to pour in His great love for me, filling all the emptiness, taking off all the void in me.
He became my beloved Daddy, and I started to share His Fatherís love to others.

Iím so thankful, Iím so complete, so full of my Daddyís love that I will share His embrace with all the people I get in touch with.

Patricia Herrera
San Josť, Costa Rica
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David's Story

Photo of David Beer

We [Brad and Ruth] visited Bluefields, Nicaragua for the first time in March, 2005.  We were traveling with a mission team that also included David and his wife.

They live in Costa Rica, but grew up in Bluefields. David had never known his father, but suspected that a certain man in town, who looked a lot like him, was his dad.

When Brad preached at the church in town about Father Godís love, David thought about how he had never had a fatherís hug.  So, he found the man he thought was his dad, confronted him, compared stories, and found out that it was true. (His dad had never known about Davidís birth). David received the fatherís hug he had been missing for fortyone years!

David Beer
Bluefields, Nicaragua
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Zulema's Story

Photo of Zulema
Zulema with Brad and Ruth

Zulema is the owner of the house we rent in Bluefields, Nicaragua.  She is also the sister of Guadalupe, who was a member of our mission team when we first went to Bluefields in March, 2005. 

Here is her testimony from that trip:

On our last night, as the team sat around the supper table, Zulema spoke up. "I never liked religion. I didn't realize that what God wants is our relationship. This week I saw relationship in action. I saw the love of God happening in people. I have seen and done a lot in my 41 years, but this has been the best week of my entire life." Shortly thereafter, Zulema wholeheartedly gave her life to Christ.

Zulema Hernandez
Bluefields, Nicaragua
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