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Father Heart Missions to Latin America, with missionary outreaches in Costa Rica and Nicaragua (Central America), is an affiliate of International Accelerated Missions.
An affiliate of
Accelerated Missions

Thank you for your interest
in spreading the Father's Love
to the people of Latin America.

Although some are called to "go forth", most believers are called to stay home and support missionaries through prayer, intercession, and giving. For every one person "on the field", it takes countless others at home.

We thank God for each of you who partner with us.  You enable us to be here, bringing the love of Jesus to the poor, the lost, and the hurting.

Five Ways You Can Help: 
bulletGeneral Support
bulletTargeted Giving
bulletPosting Our Missions Brochure

Then David said, "...the LORD...has kept us and delivered into our hand the band that came against us...As his share is who goes down to the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the baggage; they shall share alike." - I Samuel 30:23-24 [NASB]

We really need your prayers. Prayer changes things and propels us forward.

Immediate Prayer Requests (and Praise):
(See Latest News section for details on these praise and prayer requests.)
bullet PRAISE GOD for the successful Send a Child to School program, the 3 Youth Centers, and all the children and youth—and adults too!—whose lives are being changed.
bullet PRAISE GOD for provision for all the programs, for Kimberly's glasses, and for Little Lisliani's needs ... and even for chips that fell to the road at the perfect time!
bullet PLEASE PRAY for continued provision for Father Heart Missions so that we can do all that we need to do for God's glory.
bullet PLEASE PRAY for Orlando as he continues to take on more responsibilities with Father Heart Missions along with his full-time job and preparation for nursing school! (He was a Nurse Practitioner in Nicaragua, but in the States he's required to complete further studies.)
bullet PLEASE PRAY for Brad, who had spinal cord stimulator surgery just a few days ago. The purpose is to reduce the severe pain he's had for the last three years and to increase his mobility. His pain and mobility got worse after a laminectomy and spinal fusion two years ago. Pray that this new procedure will be a success so he will regain his quality of life.

Ongoing Prayer Requests:
bulletHealth and strength
bulletWisdom and discernment
bulletThat we would continually fill with Father’s love and give it away
bulletProtection and blessing over the ministry
bulletAbundant provision

For updated prayer requests, contact us at:

We love the countries in Latin America where God has called us to serve.  We love the people and the culture.  It is a great pleasure and joy to serve God in this way.

On the other hand, we sometimes get homesick for our family and friends. Often, during a particularly trying time, we have received an e
mail, a letter, or even a phone call from one of you, which has lifted our spirits and encouraged us. We enjoy receiving a Scripture, a prayer, an encouraging word, or just a letter telling us how you are doing.

Why not dash off a quick note right now?  Just click the "Contact Us" button to the left.

General Support
Your gifts are fully taxdeductible when directed through our mission board, IAM. Thank you for your part in reaching the people of Latin America. You may contribute either online or by mail.

Option 1 - Contribute Securely Online

It's fast, convenient, and secure!
* You can pay with any major credit card.
Click here to learn how PayPal security works. 
  Make a one-time ministry
gift now, any amount:
(PayPal account not required)

Click to begin

  Set up a monthly
recurring ministry gift:
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Enter a monthly amount

and click to begin

Option 2 - If You Prefer to Contribute by Mail
bulletPlease make check payable to:
    International Accelerated Missions
bulletDo not write in the "Memo" section of the check. For your donation to reach us, be sure to write on (or in) the envelope:
    "For Brad & Ruth Brown"
bulletMail the check to:
    International Accelerated Missions
    114 Rock Road
    Berne, NY  12023

Option 3 - To Contribute by Credit Card

Go to the IAM Website and click on "Giving" in the top right corner.

  1. To give to the general fund: Select “IAM Missionaries and International Development Workers,” then choose our names: Brad and Ruth Brown.
  2. To give to specific needs such as Christmas or Send a Child to School: Select "IAM Missionary Projects and Campaigns,” then choose one of the projects labeled "Browns' Project."

Targeted Giving
Father Heart Missions welcomes gifts intended for use by a specific ministry or program. We offer the following information for your consideration and prayer as you plan such a gift.

To target your support toward any of the specific ministry needs below, simply e-mail us (using Contact Us page).  Let us know what you are sending—whether by mail or online (see above)—and with what specific sponsorship in mind.

bulletYouth Centers
The Youth Centers are helping us reach more kids, youth, and even adults for the Lord. They are a wholesome place for them to hang out, and it keeps them off the streets.

Please consider helping us, and also spread the word to others who are not yet partners with us.  To donate specifically for the YOUTH CENTERS, simply enclose a note, or otherwise let us know what the gift is for. (Remember, please do not write in the memo section of your check.)

Anything you can give (whether all or part) is a blessing, and much appreciated! But, above all else, please pray for us.

bulletFeeding Program
* Weekly (formal) program provides about 100 children with a nutritious, balanced meal every Saturday.
* Daily (informal) program feeds up to 30 of the neediest children a snack or meal daily as we are able.

Your one-time gift
of $300 will cover all of the above needs
   of the program for a full month (an average of 30¢/meal).
Your monthly recurring gift of $30 will directly sponsor
   twelve of these hungry children.

bulletMercy Missions
Many in Pancasán lack the basics for health, nutrition, and hygiene. Donations targeted to Mercy Missions help provide poor children with:
  - toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap
  - essential medicine such as pain killers, antibiotic ointments, lice shampoo
  - used clothing
  - dental or doctor visits
Any amount
—large or small, one-time or recurring—will help this ministry.
Even $1
from a child's allowance is a blessing to these people!
By way of the Body, we touch the Soul.
We ask that you please contact us first, before donating items. Shipping and import tax often make this type of donation cost-prohibitive.


bulletSend a Child to School
Some children are too poor to buy school supplies and therefore cannot attend. Others have to work.

You can sponsor a child for the coming year, with a Scholarship that covers government-required uniforms, school supplies, and matriculation fees.
$95 per child for one year.  The Nicaraguan school year is January through December.
In return,
we send you a photo and letter from the child you are sponsoring.
If you gave last year, please let us know if you want to participate in the sponsorship program again this year.

bulletChristmas Party
Help us to give the poorest children of Bluefields a Christmas!

We want to bless 150 of our children, plus 100 children from the garbage dump neighborhood, with a Christmas party---complete with games, piñata, gifts, and most importantly, the Christmas message! Can you please partner with us in this effort?
$5 gives one child a Merry Christmas; $50 sponsors ten children; $100 sponsors twenty children.
Please add to your contribution a prayer that the Lord will provide $1,250 so that we can bless all of the children here at Christmas. ($750 for our neighborhood of Pancasán, and $500 for the garbage dump neighborhood.) 

Post Our Missions Brochure
You can help us by downloading and printing our missions brochure.  With the permission of your church, we would appreciate it if you could post it on the bulletin board or literature table, so others can hear what God is doing and pray.


Click on the following link to download the brochure:

Missions Brochure - PDF (ready-to-print) format

(Note: Files named "pdf" are in standard Adobe format.
If your computer cannot read the files, simply go to, and click the "Get Adobe Reader" button.
Adobe Reader is a free and secure download.)


Father God's heart is for the Least, the Last, and the Lost.
Thank you for enabling us, through your giving, to portray His love to precious souls in Central America. 

Postal address in Latin America
Father Heart Missions
Apartado BL-011
Bluefields, Nicaragua - Central America

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