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(Newsletter - Spring 2024)
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Dear Friends,

Greetings! It has been a very long time since we have written. We are passing the baton to Orlando more and more, so most of this letter is written by him.  Here goes....

* * *

2024 Send a Child to School

The Father Heart team worked to prepare and deliver scholarships to over 200 financially needy children and youth so they could attend school.  It was such a blessing to see these young people's enthusiasm and joy as they purchased their school supplies.

Elvis, a young man who graduated from the program, shared his testimony. He encouraged the young people not to abandon their studies, saying that in life there will be many obstacles, but with God's help they can overcome, and God will give them wisdom and tenacity to persevere on their learning journey.  He also encouraged parents to help their children stay focused on their studies and not miss out on the opportunity they have been given.

A BIG THANK YOU to all who gave to make this year's Send a Child to School program possible!

* * *

Youth Centers

The boys and girls are always enthusiastic to attend the Youth Center program.  They receive a biblical foundation through the diligent preparation and presentation by the teachers, along with games, fellowship, and good eating!  There are six leaders, as well as eighteen teenage helpers in training to become leaders.  Every Saturday, before the Youth Center opens, the leaders and teens have devotions.  They have been reading through the Bible together—starting at Genesis, learning how God has been at work since the beginning of Creation.  Each story builds their understanding of how God is in control of all things.  Pastor Ed also took the opportunity to share with them about salvation and baptism.

This year the programs at San Sebastián and Augusto César Sandino run three days per week, always working to reach not only the children, but also their parents, with the Gospel.  The young assistants and the staff recently had a special time of fellowship at the Verbo school, where they met for games and activities.

* * *

Mercy Ministry

Mercy Ministry has many needs to take care of ... such as Kimberly.  After serving faithfully as one of the helpers at the Youth Center, she was able to begin studying Medicine thanks to the Send a Child to School program.  But she was having a rough time of it because she needed glasses and couldn't afford them.  The total cost was $130 and, thank God, it was fully covered thanks to your generosity!

Baby Lisliani is a baby no more.  She is now 4 years old, but still cannot walk or talk.  She cries most of the night.  Through Mercy Ministry, we were able to send her to a sleep specialist in Managua; however, it would require a costly trip to Costa Rica to get her the medicine she needed.   After we prayed together with her grandmother about the situation, God provided a friend who was already planning a trip to Costa Rica—so she picked up the medicine for her!

* * *

And Speaking of Provision ...

Here is a fun story from when I was in Nicaragua!  On the way to a discipleship conference in Puerto Cabezas, fourteen hours away, we were feeling quite hungry.  The road was desolate, without any stores.  Then, all of a sudden, God provided a snack!  In the middle of the road was a huge bag full of chips that had apparently fallen from a grocery delivery truck.  It was literally like manna from heaven for us on that trip.  I do miss my Bluefields friends and the adventures we had together!

* * *

And Now, from Ruth ...


We met Shorlene when she was about fifteen years old.  She was very sad, and had low self esteem due to much trauma that she had experienced.  God's love changed her, little by little.  We lost touch with her for years, but just recently connected again and had a video chat.  She is now married, with four children—the oldest is fifteen!—and enjoying a better life in Costa Rica.  They all walk the two blocks from their home to church.  She said, "I remember when you used to bring me to church.  I stuck to you like glue!"

Blessings in Jesus,
    - Brad and Ruth, and Orlando

"Love never fails."  I Corinthians 13:8


bulletOur new ministry e-mail address is:
bulletOur new mailing address is: 4333 Summersun Drive, New Port Richey, FL 34652.
bulletAnd there is a new giving link.  See below, where it says: "1.) To give by credit card, PayPal, or Venmo."

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Prayer Requests and Praise

(Why not take a moment to pray right now?)

bullet PRAISE GOD for the successful Send a Child to School program, the 3 Youth Centers, and all the children and youth—and adults too!—whose lives are being changed.
bullet PRAISE GOD for provision for all the programs, for Kimberly's glasses, and for Little Lisliani's needs ... and even for chips that fell to the road at the perfect time!
bullet PLEASE PRAY for continued provision for Father Heart Missions so that we can do all that we need to do for God's glory.
bullet PLEASE PRAY for Orlando as he continues to take on more responsibilities with Father Heart Missions, along with his full-time job and preparation for nursing school!  (He was a Nurse Practitioner in Nicaragua, but in the States he's required to complete further studies.)
bullet PLEASE PRAY for Brad, who had spinal cord stimulator surgery just a few days ago. The purpose is to reduce the severe pain he's had for the last three years and to increase his mobility.  His pain and mobility got worse after a laminectomy and spinal fusion two years ago.  Pray that this new procedure will be a success so he will regain his quality of life.

How to Give:


The giving links on the International Accelerated Missions (IAM) website have changed. So, if you still have an old response card with the link information for using a credit card, please discard it and, instead, use the new info below.

If you give to the Send a Child to School program, please drop us a line at and let us know when you did it and how much it was for.  For all other donations, see below.

1.) To give by credit card, PayPal, or Venmo:
Go to  Then click on "IAM Missionary Projects and Campaigns."  Then scroll through the projects that start with "Browns'..." and choose your project.  To give to the general fund, choose "Browns' Project--Where Needed Most."  (Please check your e-mail "Spam" or "Junk Mail" folder for the acknowledgment.  It won’t say IAM or Father Heart Missions, but it will say “GiveButter.”)  If you need more info or help, please call the IAM office during business hours at (518) 872-0987.

2.) To give by check, write the check payable to International Accelerated Missions and mail to:
       International Accelerated Missions
       114 Rock Rd.
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Please enclose a note in the envelope saying, "For Brad & Ruth Brown," and for what designation
Mercy Ministries, Send a Child to School 2025 ($95), Youth Center, San Sebastián & Sandino, Baby Lisliani, Luis, Orlando, Other, or Where Needed Most -- but do not write in the memo section of your check.

Thank you!


Recent Ministry Photos


Send a Child to School Kids Shopping for School Supplies


Boys' Class at the Youth Center - Taught by Aaron


San Sebastián Youth Center Kids


Kimberly with Her New Glasses


Orlando with His Friends Sergio and Aaron (the one with the chips!)


Shorlene (the tall one in back) When She Was 15
With Other Send a Child to School Kids




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