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Father Heart Missions to Latin America, with missionary outreaches in Costa Rica and Nicaragua (Central America), is an affiliate of International Accelerated Missions.
An affiliate of
Accelerated Missions

Brad and Ruth Brown

Missionaries to Nicaragua

We are serving as full time missionaries with International Accelerated Missions, ministering Father's love to the people of Nicaragua. 

We run a Bible club for street kids and also a feeding program for poor and hungry kids, along with pregnant and nursing mothers. 

We travel throughout the country, bearing with the message of Father God's great love for us. We minister to wounded hearts and victims of abuse, with God's healing love, and lead people into a place of experiencing a deep love relationship as sons and daughters of God the Father. 


Both of us came to faith in Jesus in the 70's. We were married in 1977, and have two daughters and a son-in-law: Sarah and her husband Charles, and Kristen.

Since we were first married, we have had a heart for missions and evangelism. Brad went on short trips to India in 1977 and Haiti in 1985. Brad served as a deacon and then later as a lay pastor for many years. Ruth was continually involved with children, teaching in a Christian school and working in Sunday School and VBS programs. 

In 2000, we went on our first mission trip together to Costa Rica. In 2001, although we had been faithful Christians for many years, we had a deep experience with Father God's love. Brad went to ministry school on "Imparting the Father's Heart", and we brought the message of His love to Costa Rica on subsequent trips in 2001, 2002 and 2003, where we saw Father God touch many hearts in profound ways, many who are fatherless or have had abusive earthly fathers. In 2004, we moved to Costa Rica as full‑time missionaries.  

Starting in 2005, God called us to start expanding our ministry into Nicaragua.  One thing led to another--as it often does in this adventure we call the Christian life--and in October 2009, we moved once again, this time to Bluefields, Nicaragua.

Our heart and our passion is for the lost to come to Christ, Who is the Way to the Father, and for believers to walk as sons and daughters hand in hand with their loving Father.

And now, for some family pictures...

Going Away Party
In February, 2004, just before we left for Costa Rica, we had a going away party, where we took the following pictures:

Our daughter Kristen with her best friend Maggie, who she left behind to go with us

Brad with Gary, Maggie's dad

Maggie's mother Kate (Kristen's 
"second mom") and Linda, her youth group leader

Ruth with Lorena, her Costa Rican buddy who lives in Vermont

Sarah and Kristen at Sarah's apartment
before we left for Costa Rica


Sarah Visits Us In Costa Rica
The following pictures were taken at a friend's wedding:

Sarah and Kristen

Brad and Ruth with Sarah

The whole family: Brad, Sarah, Kristen and Ruth next to
"Poor Man's Umbrella" leaves in Costa Rica.

Nancy and Kristen
have tea together.
Nancy is our Costa Rican friend who some of you know.
She visited us in the USA in 2001.

Farewell Again!...

We had a going away party for Kristen, who after a year helping us on the mission field, decided to go back to the States to pursue further education.
She hopes to be a missionary again someday...
it is her heart.

Hugs, goodbye...
and now we have an empty nest!

We have a new son!
Sarah married Charles Peng Liu
on December 12, 2009.



And another new son!
Kristen married Joshua Monro on June 3, 2016.


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Father Heart Missions
Apartado BL-011
Bluefields, Nicaragua - Central America

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