More Photos from Teen Ministry

Core group of teen girls with whom we work

(One shown with her 3-year-old boy)

Brad leading a Bible study with the youth

David, a short-term team member, explaining the Scriptures to Shorlene

A couple of the teen boys: Miguel and Efraín

Whitney (Ruth's cousin's daughter from California) came for one month and worked with the youth.

A meeting by candlelight

(We have frequent power outages in Nicaragua.)

We decide to "let our lights shine" for Jesus.

Ruth with Maribilee

Many 11- and 12- year- olds were at the gate begging to be let in.

(This meeting was for 13 and older.)

Yensy, one of the teens, wrote this on our dry erase board. 

Although our nest is empty since our natural daughters are grown and living in the States, it feels "full to overflowing" because so many youth and children here call us Mom and Dad.

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