More Photos from Renacer

This single mom and her kids
lost everything. They lived in a small shack by the river until the heavy rains knocked her shack down. Renacer housed her and others until they could find a new place to live.

This is what the kids have for a neighborhood "playground."

The church built by Cristo Para La Ciudad.
Here they offer after-school programs for kids, parenting classes for young single mothers, and many other resources.

Ronald, a Tico (Costa Rican); Sandra, a Gringa (from USA); and Horacio, from Argentina, all worked together with us in Renacer. What a great team!

Costa Rica has an abundance of stray dogs. This one decided to come join the Bible Club.

We held sessions for kids up to 8 years old in the mornings, and for 9 and above in the afternoons. We often had teens—15, 16, or even 17 years old—show up for the afternoon group. Some of these girls were actually single moms of toddlers attending the morning group! So, the young moms would come both morning and afternoon—first for their kids and later for themselves! The moms always loved to color!!

Brad posing with a girl. We always gave them some bread or a treat after the program.

Happy Dancing Jenny

Kristen playing with a toddler

Some of the kids after bobbing for apples

Brad playing tug o' war. Our budget was limited, but something as simple as a length of rope can be plenty of fun.

Jumping rope—same resources, different game!

Bible Lesson

Ruth with kids

Costa Ricans bar the doors and windows of all homes and buildings to keep out robbers. When there is no jungle gym, kids still find ways to climb!

Rain, Rain, Rain!

Costa Rican roads are famous for their many pot holes. After a good rain, they often double as tiny swimming pools!

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