We have seen large numbers of people experience
a deep revelation of His love for them.

Many have not had an earthly father,
or if they did have one, he was
abusive in one way or another.

Our Experience Colors Our Perception of God  
We tend to view our heavenly Father through the lens of our experience with our earthly father. If our earthly father was absent, or ignored us, we will perceive God the Father as distant, detached, and not particularly interested in us. If our earthly father was abusive, we will feel that we can never be good enough to please God, and that He is always "after us." Even if we had a good earthly father, he cannot compare to a perfect heavenly Father.  There will still be areas where he fell short and failed to show us the kind of love our heavenly Father wants to give us.

Do We Know the Father as He Wants to Be Known?
Many Christians can relate to the Holy Spirit and to Jesus, and they have a level of intimacy with Him. But when it comes to the Father...they have head knowledge that, yes, God is their Father, but not the same deep heart knowledge that they have about Jesus.

Yet, Jesus said He has come to show us the Way to the Father, and that He does not do anything except what He sees the Father doing. If we want to truly be like Jesus, then we need to be doing what the Father is doing also...and we need to intimately know the Father!

Galatians 4:6[NIV] says:
Because you are sons, God has sent
the Spirit of His Son into our hearts,
the Spirit who calls out, "Abba, Father."

The word Abba used by Jesus in the original tongue means "Dad", or "Daddy." It is a term of intimacy, more so even than the formal "Father." 

Those of you who are parents know that you love your children dearly, and that no matter what they do, your love for them will not change. There is nothing they can do to earn your love, and there is nothing they can do to lose your love. How much more does our Daddy God feel this way about us!

God Loves Us More Than One Way
There is a Greek word for love that many of you know—agape—which describes God's perfect, unconditional love for us, His love that was so great that He sent His Son Jesus to die for our sins.

But, there is another Greek word for love that is also in the Bible—phileo—which describes His tender affection, mushy-gushy feelings of love, that He has for us. Father God loves us both with His perfect agape love, but also with His perfect tender affection phileo love. In other words, He doesn't just love us because He has to, and because He is God. He actually likes us!!! We are His treasured possession!! He enjoys us even with our imperfections!

This Truth Can Set Us Free!
When believers get this revelation, they learn to forgive and release their earthly fathers from judgment, and step into the arms of their heavenly Father.  Their relationship with Him changes from one of just being a servant of God, of fulfilling Christian duties in order to feel good about themselves.  Rather, it becomes a relationship of being a son or daughter of God, who serves Him because they are already so loved and accepted that they just want to please Daddy!

We had been dedicated Christian servants for many years. We worked hard to please God and man and to feel like we had value. But, when we ourselves had a life-changing experience with the Father's love, all of that changed. We just wanted to go out and tell the world how much our Daddy loved them. We did it, not to earn points with God or man, but because we wanted others to come into His embrace also.

We have seen many lives touched and changed, not so much because of us, but because of the Father Who sent us and Who longs for His children to know Him as He truly is.

Here are some photos of our ministry times, along with testimonies of people touched by Father's love:

Roxana (shown here talking to Brad) was not a believer. A week prior to coming to church, she started feeling an urge that she needed to know God. She asked God to show her the Way to Him. Then one night, she heard an impression in her heart saying, "Go to such-and-such church tomorrow and you will find the God you are looking for." 
She went and heard Brad preach about Father's love. After the message, God spoke to Ruth, telling her there was someone present who did not yet know Jesus, whom God was calling to Himself. She went up and shared this, explaining that Jesus was the Way to the Father. Roxana came forward with tears in her eyes and gave her heart to Jesus.

Ricardo is a youth pastor.  He asked Brad to come preach to his group of about 100 youth. Brad spoke and Ricardo translated.  Near the end of the message, suddenly Ricardo stopped translating. When we looked to see why he was not talking, we realized that he was crying so much he could not speak. God was touching him with Father's love! When he was finally able to speak again, he finished translating and said, "Thank you for making us feel so loved." That night you could have heard a pin drop, as 100 youth sat silently before the Lord. Then there was the sound of weeping, as the Father was bringing healing into their lives.

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